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Talent 360 |
Your HR Business

When HR contributes to your business success

Why should you hire outsourced HR department ?

Full functional HR Department activities

No need to hire several people experts in many functions. Through Talent 360 you will have access to several experts in all HR functions that fulfills all your business needs.


Reasonably monthly fees

Our prices are reasonable for Start-ups and SMEs due to several customizations that suit your needs. No size fits all.

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The clients don’t hold the responsibility of HR personnel

The HR personnel is a Talent 360 employee, the client does not hold any liability either contractual, vacations, benefits and even logistics.


Head Office Support with a group of HR experts in each HR function

Our team has diverse experience in all HR functions. In addition to constant support given to any client request. Your shared HR Department is always there to work accordingly. 


Manage your daily HR processes based on the best practices

Our main advantage is our implementation part. We are here with you day by day, situation by situation to manage in all. In addition to that, we apply the best practices of HR that suit Start-ups and SMEs in specific.

Who we are ??

Talent 360 has strong experience with Start-Ups & SMEs, we worked with 100+ clients. 

Our mission is to empower start-ups and SMEs with innovative HR practices and solutions through investing in a professional team of HR young experts We integrate HR functions and competitive packages customized with your business goals and needs as we are experts in all HR functions for any consultation or functionally support for the specific HR function.


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Ahmed Sherif,
Co-founder & CTO of Wind IS

Talent360 is providing the best consultancy service in HR with real talented consultants. it's the best decision we took in 2019 and 2020. and we got unlimited support in all HR aspects with exceptional commitment and high level reporting

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Ahmed Gaballa

Excellent Service. They fully meet our needs and requirements. They’ve been working on a timeline and sticking to it and all deliverables are as expected


Ramy ElSawy
CEO of


The team is an example of feedback loops. We have been using their services for months and you could tell that they build on the feedback they get. Very agile

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